spring 2015. wow. it’s over.

what a whirlwind.

today, i realized that all of wanna’s blog post notifications had been going straight to my spam. oh dear me. dear aveline.

i really stopped journaling shortly after this semester began. i didn’t even write a physical journal like i usually do. not even in church during Pastor Brad’s sermons. i just felt asleep a lot. but last sunday, i stayed awake for the entire service and i never once felt the urge to sleep. twiggie and her boy disagree, but God and i know the truth.

my movie fast did not last. i broke it once after two weeks had passed but then exercised a pretty decent amount of self-control for just about the entire rest of the semester. but then i got mad at God and stayed mad and didn’t care anymore. good news is that the fast, even though i didn’t really complete it, curbed my winter break movie addiction.

i dropped some things and i picked up other things.

i took a break from going to community groups.

i started going to the brand-new iv women’s small group but i still wasn’t very consistent.

i half-way fixed my virus but still need to re-partition my computer so the storage is evenly split between the mac and windows sides.

i felt intensely homesick a lot. it got better near the end.

i signed my first lease for next year’s apartment and spent the next few weeks daydreaming about how i wanted to decorate it.

i got a baby succulent cactus plant from wanna for no real reason. she gave it to me during the intermission of my last choir concert.

oh yeah – i was in choir this semester. two more semesters to go. wheeeeeeee (not).

i went on an AB tip to atlanta to explore the issue of human trafficking. i hope that my desire to help will never fade.

i found a new nightgown: one of daddy’s big t-shirts.

i watched the imitation game at mama murray’s house and it made me sad.

i also watched the theory of everything and that made me sad.

i went to the reunion tower for the first time for suebee’s 21st. wanna, kris jie jie, suebee, and hanna C. it was fun and reminded me of sitting on a wobbly cruise ship. wanna wanted to go clubbing afterwards but suebee had to go home and sleep. the poor child. she woke up in time to work DU at 6am every Monday and Friday this semester.

speaking of which, wanna took kris jie jie, suebee, and me to our first club. my feet hurt afterwards but it was cathartic.

i discovered that the i pig boutique has incredible warehouse sales.

i stopped pretending my relationship with SW was okay or normal. because it’s not. perhaps this is taking the first step to healing our broken relationship.

atilal and i stumbled upon the cutest plant sale just two minutes away from our house. we bought lamb’s ears for SW and i bought a vine that doesn’t need much sunshine or water. the lady told me to water every 10 days.

i stopped taking my allergy shots because i was too lazy to walk to the health center and my skin is going crazy. i need these allergy shots more than i thought i did.

eelasor taught the chanblings how to play settlers of cataan and now i like it much more than monopoly. i feel like a cool hipster when i play it. i just wish i didn’t always get so many sheep.

i took a class from the first professor i’ve hated so far at this school. he deserves to get his bootay kicked.

i put a vineyard vines sticker on my laptop cover because suebee didn’t know what it was and i thought that was cute.

i started giving my first adult student private piano lessons and she cuts my hair in return! sweet deal. bonus: best student i’ve ever had. her practice habits are out of this world good.

i stayed up late talking to kris jie jie a few times.

i tried spin with suebee every Tues morning at 7:15. we were always late and missed a good one too many classes. the instructor reminded me of erin waller.

i bought eelasor macarons from the farmer’s market for valentine’s day. she screamed a lot. i don’t even understand why those are so popular. they’re not even tasty. do you know what’s yummier? baby food.

i took an OLI class and learned about the four frames in an organization.

i discovered i can’t stand the smell of 6-month-old kimchi. thanks dear roomies for ruining kimchi for me. not that i was ever crazy about it in the first place.

i developed a new fear of cockroaches. they are nasty creatures. suebee is a warrior and gets rid of them for me. she is a brave child. i am not that brave. i am afraid. i will sleep on the couch if there is one cozied up in my room.

i hugged the famous cassey ho when she came to dallas last month. going to see her in southlake was a really fun experience. plus, atilal is a great buddy.

i practiced after midnight on a friday night and got kicked out of my practice room by the campus police. not pleased. this needs to change.

i didn’t study very much but i think the professors liked my piano jury.


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