Streams of Living Water.

This is the funniest video I’ve seen in forever. WHY IS THE CHINESE UNCLE SO FUNNY? and super duper wooper looper drooper good at basketball? and adorable, to boot. Especially when he wipes his face with a hand towel and walks off at the end.

I’ve needed to blog or at least journal for the past three weeks. So much has happened in less than one month and I kept telling myself to record everything that’s going on in my life and write it down or else I’ll forget. But I procrastinated. I’m not proud of procrastinating. It’s weird how it seems like most procrastinators I know are loud and proud of being procrastinators. But really, why would that be something you like to boast about? Beats me. Beets. Ronny wears beets. He wears purple beets to the rec center.

A little over three weeks ago, Hannah P introduced me (and the rest of women’s small group) to SheReadsTruth. It’s pretty addicting. Not only do I appreciate the beautiful, BEAUTIFUL layout, daily devotionals, and gorgeous lock screens, but God’s truth — ahh — was like water to my thirsty, thirsty soul. God, what did you inside of me that changed the way I viewed Your Word? While I had not been wanting to go near You for so long (a.k.a. 7-8 months…maybe even a year?), You were slowly and lovingly and faithfully turning me towards You. You are water to my thirsty, parched, hungry soul.

Finished the Hymns II series and was halfway through the Open Your Bible devos when Litzpitz and Mia jumped on board so I restarted Open Your Bible so that we could all be on the same page. But now Lent has started, so we might work through SheReadsTruth’s Lent devotional and pick up Open Your Bible again after Easter.

Open Your Bible Day 1 shook me.

“We encounter the living God today. We can meet Him now in His Word. Oh, gift among gifts!

You can open His Word just as you are.

“The Bible is the story of God’s redeeming love for His children. It is your story. You are not merely welcome to explore its pages, like a student explores a textbook–you are meant to read it, to react to it, and interact with it.”

“Move forward to Day 2 of this study knowing you are not disqualified. Nothing you are doing, have done, or will do renders the Gospel useless for you. All the things you’ve imagined you’ve done wrong when it comes to Bible study or “quiet times”, or the lostness you feel when you think of opening The Book of All Books for the very first time? Let it go. Understand here and now that yes, this Book is holy and it is sacred and good. But this Book exists for this very moment–the moment you lay it open and look for Him.”

“This Book is yours. Take it, read it. Let it change you. Open your Bible. You will never be the same.”

I meant to insert only my favorite lines from the Day 1 study but ended up pasting almost the entire devo because it’s just so good.I especially love the encouragement Amanda Bible Williams gives when she says that nothing I’ve done “wrong” when it comes to reading scripture in the past and the present disqualifies me. The Bible was not written for me to feel shame (“There is therefore now no condemnation…”) but was given to me so that I might come alive.

“No, I can’t make the Bible come alive for anyone. The Bible is already alive. It makes me come alive.”-RC Sproul

Switching gears now: King Spa date with Twiggie and DreaBaby. Thinking about those 12 hours makes my insides feel relaxed and at peace. The Holy Spirit must have been present during our conversations last weekend because I felt You shaking me up. I felt Your encouragement and it wasn’t just any kind of encouragement. You were speaking directly to me and healing me. I felt You reaching down to my ugly places and washing me as white as snow.

You made me face the sin I had been hiding from myself. That I judge people when they complain about being busy and tired as if by being busy and tired, they achieved a new status, a new level of cool. That I play mind games with myself so I don’t think I’m busy and when others ask me if I’m busy, I always deny it. That I pretend that I don’t care about the “busy” status, but I actually do. I want it as badly as anyone else. What does that make me? A hypocrite.

Ouch. That H word. How it stings.

The week before King Spa, I went to prayer meeting and Women’s Embrace Connect. Angela led the session and there were some pretty delicious vegan carrot muffin bites at the snack table. I ate 6 or 7. When Eelasor came to pick me up for our haircut appointment, I grabbed 2 more for her. She is trying to go gluten-free again and didn’t eat them. So I got to eat two more! Weehee.

But I digress. I saved my notes from Women’s Embrace Connect. They’re a bunch of random phrases scribbled all over, but I don’t want to lose what I wrote down.

reading forward to God’s Goal

My Target for 2015:

-get away from the mindset of choosing people/org/activities/careers/majors based on appearances (get out of the SMU culture)

-focus on Jesus

be myself, be content, just be

-trust and focus

-flipping the switch

-keep my eyes focused on You, set on hitting the mark

What baggage is weighing me down and keeping me from pressing on and hitting the target? What is standing in the way of letting me be who I’m supposed to be?

-Fear that God (couldn’t figure out what to put here)

-Fear of Man

-My value is not inherent

-I need to prove myself

What do I need to leave behind so that I reach forward?



-walls I put up to protect myself instead of letting God be my shield?

Phillipians 3:12

i wanna know Your heart

“closer” <–I think that’s a song we sang that I liked so I wrote the name down.

One more thing to type up before I finish blogging for the night and go back to school to practice. It was actually pretty awesome hearing all these thoughts flow through my head while practicing earlier today. But I think I’m pretty pooped and I’ll save what I want to say for tomorrow.



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