did the neighbor get a new dog?

I hardly slept last night so my head throbs.

I usually don’t hear or am bothered by the dog who lives next door but I think a) its bark suddenly became four octaves higher overnight or b) our neighbors bought a new dog who is not trained. Regardless, a dog has been barking the same high-pitched, shrill scream ever since I got home five hours ago.

The walls that separate our room from the neighbors’ are not good sound insulators. They are so thin, they could as well be made of cardboard.

This dog barking actually hurts my head–as in, I feel literal pain in my temples--and my attempts to try to think, read, or sleep today have been absolutely useless.

Never in my life have I been angry at or because of a dog. Who knew that a dog’s bark could upset me so much?

I suppose there’s always a first time for everything.


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