17 things i’m liking right now

1. the bird keychain that Eelasor bought in Chicago. it’s a seagull that poops.

2. knees. because without them you would have to lift your entire leg in order to walk. that’s a whole lot of work. just think about it. nah, i don’t want to think about it.

3. mia’s hair. it looks nice. when can my hair be that length again?

4. there are a whole lot of asians walking around in the Richardson Library. I’m not used to it.

5. rolling my head around and feeling my neck make little popping sounds.

6. the soreness i get in my back after a great workout.

7. walking in early to something + having a good hair day

8. the soreness i feel in my fingers and tiny hand muscles after plenty of piano drills

9. using up my practice time effectively

10. clean sheets

11. getting my allergy shots because getting shots are fun

12. sunny days

13. windows

14. macbooks without viruses

15. daydreaming about the day i will finally have the discipline to get someone to get rid of the virus on my mac

16. realizing that i haven’t named my mac yet

17. naming my macbook “Dave” because it will annoy jie jie because she thinks my Custard minions should be Dave but instead i think i shall name my laptop Dave



One thought on “17 things i’m liking right now

  1. You really need to take Dave to the doctor so they can give him medicine… You don’t want his simple sickness to keep getting worse and turn into something that kills him….!!!!!!

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