Happy Holidays


Every Advent season seems to be better than the last. I believe this is because every year I’m able to understand a little more of how awesome and amazing life is because of Jesus’ choice to come down and save us.

I just completed my most intense semester yet. Perhaps it wasn’t because the classes were harder but maybe I was just more stressed than I usually am.

Also, I just tricked you because I’m not actually done.

Untitled design (2)


I deactivated my social media accounts so I can be fully present during the holiday season.

I tricked you again. I didn’t deactivate my Instagram because you can’t deactivate Instagram. You can only permanently delete it and that would be no bueno.

Also, I kind of like the graphic I designed a few minutes ago for this blog post. The words come from Travis Ryan’s “God in Flesh and Blood”.

Also, I like saying the word, Also.

^Oh lookie, it’s almost a palindrome phrase, except not really.

Palindrome reminds me of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin and Tina Fey look like they should have been fraternal twins.

The other day, a guy from church told me that he has a twin sister and I was stoopid and asked if they were identical or fraternal twins.

Sigh. I have so many pictures from fall semester that I haven’t uploaded. It’s too much work.

My eyelids are getting really heavy but it’s only 11:10 pm.


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