17-Day Challenge DAY 14

DAY 14: August 12

1. Limit e-mail and blogging time to 1.5 hours/day – max. 🙂

2. Blog every day. 🙂

3. Finish reading Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel. 😦

4. Make dinner for the family every night. Still eating leftovers from Sunday.

5. Do something new every day.

Visited Wanna because she came back from Oxford! ❤ ❤ The new activity I did today was to write and co-illustrate a coloring book about our friendship. We didn’t finish “The story of Wanna and Aveline” but we’ll complete it another time.

Also, she brought me this from London. I’m going to have so much fun working on this booger.

Also, I see part of her floral dress on the top-right.

Also, she dressed up to see me.

Also, she dressed up for me and not for ANYBODY ELSE.


6. Run every day. A six-mile run was on the schedule today, but my knees opted out.

7. Stay out of my room between the hours of 9am -9pm. 🙂

8. Take pictures of every single thing I eat and post it here.


Lunch date with Eeelasor at her workplace! Leftovers from Sunday night.


AMAZING gluten-free cookie from an Oak Lawn bakery.


More leftovers from Sunday night for dinner.


Finally got to indulge in one of these after having watched the rest of the family rave about their crispy honey centers last month when I was on my cleanse.


Litzpitz’s muffins have become soggy. Somebody please get rid of them.




9. Do the family dishes every day. 😦

10. Work on my scrapbook and finish it by August 17th. 😦

11. Practice piano for 2 hours each day. 0 hours 0 minutes!

12. Hang out with God every day for 1 hour. 🙂

13. Clean a different area of the house each day. 😦

14. Memorize the Sermon on the Mount [Matt. 5-7]. 😦



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