17-Day Challenge DAY 13

DAY 13: August 11

1. Limit e-mail and blogging time to 1.5 hours/day – max. 🙂

2. Blog every day. 🙂

3. Finish reading Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel. Finished Chapter 4. 🙂

4. Make dinner for the family every night. No need. We had a lot of leftovers from Sunday. Thanks 爸爸!

5. Do something new every day.

Took Mia to Trader Joe’s! It was her first time inside.


We also stopped by Central Market. While we were browsing the produce section, I spied some adorable kids eating apples and being cute while their mommy/chaperone shopped nearby. They were so adorable, I couldn’t resist snapping a few creepy photos in an attempt to document this cuteness.



6. Run every day. Rest day!

7. Stay out of my room between the hours of 9am -9pm. 🙂

8. Take pictures of every single thing I eat and post it here.

I forgot to take a picture of breakfast.

But here’s a picture of lunch. Bibimbap from Jin Mi!


Sweet potato fries from QQ.


“You forgot blueberries.”


Dinner: Leftovers from last night.


Greek yogurt, photobombed by a black banana.


Frozen Activia yogurts, photobombed by Litzpitz’s peach.



Oh, and I also had lots and lots of samples from Central Market and Trader Joe’s.

9. Do the family dishes every day. 🙂

10. Work on my scrapbook and finish it by August 17th. 🙂

11. Practice piano for 2 hours each day. 1.5 hours.

12. Hang out with God every day for 1 hour. 🙂

13. Clean a different area of the house each day. Kitchen. 😛

14. Memorize the Sermon on the Mount [Matt. 5-7]. 😦



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