17-Day Challenge: DAY 4

DAY 4: August 2

1. Limit e-mail and blogging time to 1.5 hours/day – max. Total time spent on the internet – 2:47  

2. Blog every day. 🙂

3. Finish reading Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel. 🙂

4. Make dinner for the family every night. Rosemary rack of lamb!

5. Do something new every day. Litzpitz and I started making cookies. We didn’t finish because we got sleepy so we stuck the dough in the fridge overnight. Hopefully I’ll have pictures of beautiful shortbread cookies to post by tomorrow!

5. Run every day. Distance: 2.49 miles. Duration: 23:30 min. Average pace: 9:26 min/mile.

6. Stay out of my room between the hours of 9am -9pm. 🙂

7. Take pictures of every single thing I eat and post it here.

Breakfast Smoothie.



Miss Hideous Omelette’s slightly more attractive cousin. (My meal options are a little limited.)


More dried figs for snacktime.


Someone left 3/4’s of a Costco cupcake on the table and I couldn’t resist the temptation. Licked half of the icing off of this bad boy and immediately experienced a splitting headache. After 46 days of taking in only whole foods, my body no longer tolerates processed sugars like it could before.


Rack of lamb! Recipe here. Baked it for 25 minutes at 450 degrees and Daddy said it was a perfect medium rare.




8. Do the family dishes every day. Yes!

9. Work on my scrapbook and finish it by August 17th. 🙂

10. Practice piano for 2 hours each day. 2 hours. But when am I ever going to complete that hour I missed on Day 1? 

11. Hang out with God every day for 1 hour. ❤ 

12. Clean a different area of the house each day. I half-cleaned the bathroom. Maybe I can get Litzpitz to clean the other half.

13. Memorize the Sermon on the Mount [Matt. 5-7]. Nope…



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