The Week after VBS

And the award for Cutest Daddy Ever! goes to…



Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes because we snagged a 50% discount from Groupon. [There are two things that make this world go round. Groupon and Costco.]

I didn’t get to try the bundtinis (boo!) but Litzpitz said they weren’t good anyways. nyuck nyuck nyuck.

I spent nearly two hours cooking dinner because Ronny and Litzpitz ditched me and left me to do all the work by myself. No hard feelings. It’s their life, they can do what they want to.


Caesar Salad [Litzpitz and Ronny said the croutons tasted really strange]

Hasselback Potatoes

Baby back ribs [I made the rub from scratch! Go me.]

My favorite fried chicken recipe

Unfortunately, Daddy happened to be fasting the day of his birthday and refused to eat his birthday dinner. Such is life.

He did, however, go for a leisurely neighborhood stroll…in the middle of the road. He didn’t even bother moving over to the side whenever cars started to creep up behind him. I think he’s where I got my sense of entitlement from.


On Wednesday, I made myself some chicken for lunch using that Epicurious recipe (again!). I might’ve burnt the skin a little, but it tasted awesome.


Check out my gorgeous lunch date.


Visited Eelasor’s new apartment on Thursday night. As I was leaving the next morning, I saw that I had left the toothpaste cap off again and was so proud of myself when I fixed it. I do believe that I’m improving.


Daddy’s second birthday dinner. This time, he ate himself happy.


I forgot my phone on Sunday morning, so nice Daddy left it at church with Litzpitz. When I finally got it back, there were a good 20 new selfies in my photo gallery.

High schoolers…


…and their lime green shirts.








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