Jie Jie’s Birthday

Spent the Saturday roaming around the Arts District with the jie jie for her birthday. I was really excited that we decided to take public transportation to get around downtown and considered it an adventure in itself, the ignorant suburban goof that I am.


I’ve never ordered from a food truck before and  was hoping to buy lunch from one of the few trucks that lined Klyde Warren Park.


Nothing looked too appealing (and everything was so overpriced!), so we ended up sitting down at the museum cafe. Since I’m still in the middle of my cleanse, I had a grilled chicken salad without all the good stuff (dressing, cheese, croutons, bacon, etc.).



Isn’t she just a doll?

IMG_20140719_140212342 2.39.19 PM

IMG_20140719_140214970 2.39.19 PM

We finished off jie’s birthday date by chilling at my place for a few hours. The baby brother’s youth group friends were over and invited us to play a few rounds of mafia with them. Ian…Henry…and Alex. You guys are really strange but also hilarious.

But as much as I enjoyed hanging out with my brother’s friends, they really got nothin’ on my bestie. Although she stands up to no more than 5 feet and 1 inch, her strength, love, recklessness, wit, and beauty are enough to garner the respect of everyone who is lucky enough to be found in one of her many circles.

In these last 11 months she has inspired me to find more of my worth in Christ, fall more in love with God’s Word, pray more often by coming to God more and telling Him exactly how I feel, and pull my first all-nighter.

Jie jie has encouraged me to be more comfortable with who I am simply by being the crazy and obnoxious character she is. I envy her disregard for grades and how she refuses to let academics dictate her value. I love how much she seeks after Light, Hope, Restoration, and Healing, knows that those things are possible through Jesus, and has given up her life to follow Him.

I love my jie jie. Happy birthday to One of the best things that has ever happened to me.


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