Hello Baby Blog. Say hello to Mother.

This blog was created in the spur of the moment.

I’ve always thought all bloggers fit the same mold: the twenty-something girl living in a flat in NYC or LA who decorates her room to look just like Pinterest, takes long walks on meandering trails while contemplating the beauties and complexities of life, reads Pride & Prejudice in her closet filled with DIY fringe t-shirts, makes grocery runs with hair and makeup perfect, and orders a double tall white mocha with extra whipped cream from Starbucks on a wintery day.

Me? I’m just a lazy college student from a Texan suburb who has never made her bed more than five times in her entire life and enjoys trolling people. I prefer the taste of water to coffee. I can’t stand any of Jane Austin’s books. When I make a trip to Wal-Mart, I wear my pajamas and forget to brush my hair. I can’t do my own eyeliner to save my life.


I do journal somewhat consistently, but my the pages of my journals are almost illegible and I mostly only write about hating people and killing people (not really). I moan about how much I suck and how much I hate the sin in me but can’t get away from it. My journals are also a place where I yell at God when I’m frustrated at situations, friends & family, and myself and am sick and tired of this world. But then I will often write about how good God is to me, how I don’t deserve Him but He still insists on being crazily in love with me.

…you get the idea. My writings don’t exactly fit the blueberry-cheesecake-recipe-kind-of-post.

This afternoon, I glanced through my little sister’s adorable little blog. All of a sudden, I got kind of jealous, grabbed my laptop from my bedroom, and made an account on WordPress.

So here we are, Baby Blog! I’m kind of excited to see how you grow and develop this next year. I wonder if I’ll ever abandon you for my good ol’ pen and paper. I’m curious to see what kind of things I will post about – annoying classmates, favorite recipes, celebrity crushes?




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